Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.

Financial Planning
Managing your finances in an all-encompassing and purposeful way can be difficult. You may not have the time or expertise to take on the challenge. But without this approach, you may be at risk. You may not have adequate protection for your income or property and you may not achieve your life goals.

Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. Life goals can include buying a home, saving for your child’s education or planning for retirement.

The financial planning process consists of six steps that help you take a “big picture” look at where you are financially. It includes budgeting, use of credit, insurance, investments, taxes and estate. And it determines where you are now, what you may need in the future and what you must do to reach your goals.

The process involves gathering relevant financial information, setting life goals, examining your current financial status and coming up with a strategy or plan for how you can meet your goals given your current situation and future plans.

Beechwood Financial Services utilizes leading technology to aggregate and analyze the major components of your household’s finances. A comprehensive plan is created that you can monitor as you progress towards your goals. Should life take a twist or turn, your plan goals are easily modified.

Through the entire process you are guided and coached by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional with over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Tax Preparation
Everyone needs to pay taxes, but no one should pay more than required. We spend the time to get to know our clients thoroughly so that we uncover all available exemptions, deductions and credits. Your taxes are prepared accurately and filed promptly.

Beechwood Financial prepares federal and state 1040 Individual Income Tax Returns. We are an IRS Authorized e-file Provider and have earned the IRS Annual Filing Season Record of Completion in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Beechwood Financial Services follows the CFP Six Step Financial Planning Process

  • Establish and Define the Relationship

    Agree on the financial areas to be addressed and the time frame.

  • Gather Data

    Explore your goals, needs and priorities relevant to the agreement and collect all of the necessary information to make informed recommendations.

  • Analyze and Evaluate the Current Status

    Analyze the information to gain an understanding of your financial position and evaluate your ability to meet your goals, needs and priorities by continuing your present activities.

  • Develop and Present the Financial Planning Recommendations

    Develop appropriate alternatives to your current course of action in an effort to meet your goals, needs and priorities and present these alternatives to you.

  • Implement the Financial Planning Recommendations

    Agree on a course of action, define each party’s responsibilities and help you select appropriate products and services consistent with your goals, needs and priorities.

  • Monitor the Recommendations

    Mutually define the ongoing monitoring responsibilities.

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