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Active & Passive Investment Management

 What do each of these terms really mean? Investment management can be active or passive. Sometimes, that simple, fundamental choice can make a difference in portfolio performance. During a particular market climate, one of these two methods may be widely praised, while the other is derided and dismissed. In truth, both approaches have merit, and […]

Volatility Is Not Risk

The two should not be confused. What is risk? To the conservative investor, risk is a negative. To the opportunistic investor, risk is a factor to tolerate and accept. Whatever the perception of risk, it should not be confused with volatility. That confusion occurs much too frequently. Volatility can be considered a measurement of risk, […]

Do Our Biases Affect Our Financial Choices?

Even the most seasoned investors are prone to their influence.                                                                                                    Investors are routinely warned about allowing their emotions to influence their decisions.  They are less routinely cautioned about letting their preconceptions and biases color their financial choices. In a battle between the facts & our preconceptions, our preconceptions may win. If we acknowledge this tendency, […]

What Makes a Good Home & Auto Insurance Policy?

What features should it have? What terms should it offer? Have you thought about bundling your insurance? You may want to consider that, as insuring your house and vehicles with the same carrier could save you some money. Most people buy insurance without doing much homework. That holds true for auto insurance, property & casualty […]

What Does Your Home Insurance Policy Cover?

 Take a moment to see if you are adequately protected. Not all home insurance policies are alike. Coverage amounts obviously vary, and so do coverage areas. Taking ten minutes to scrutinize what your policy does (and does not) cover is a wise idea. Homeowner policies routinely provide tornado, windstorm, & hailstorm coverage. If a tornado, […]

Why Don’t You Have Disability Income Insurance?

If you are injured or ill, it could help you keep afloat financially. If you can’t work and pay your bills, how are you going to cope? Let’s say an injury or illness prevents you from doing your job. How do you deal with the lost income? Disability income insurance provides an answer. Few of […]

Life Insurance Products with Long-Term Care Riders

Are they worthwhile alternatives to traditional LTC policies? The price of long-term care insurance has really gone up. If you are a baby boomer and you have kept your eye on it for a few years, chances are you have noticed this. Last year, the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) noted that married […]

Making Decisions About Life Insurance

Life insurance choices can be confusing. Man is Mortal. That makes life insurance a little unique and interesting, doesn’t it? We purchase things like health insurance, car insurance and home insurance, then hope we never have a need to use them. Life insurance is different because it’s a widely accepted fact that, sooner or later, […]

A Look at Revocable Living Trusts

What they can (and cannot) accomplish. Living trusts are created with a clearly defined objective: to avoid probate. Unfortunately, misconceptions about living trusts have spread to the point where people think they can accomplish much more than they can. If you fear probate, consider a revocable living trust. If you worry about your will being […]

Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets

Have you addressed this issue? Social media and email accounts. Creative works, photos and keepsakes kept on home computers, the cloud or external storage drives. E-commerce accounts. Domain names. Bitcoin. These are all examples of digital assets. You will manage them closely as long as you live – but what will happen to them once […]